What We Offer

Corporate change is an opportunity for growth

Training & Development


Executive Behavioral Coaching

This is the process by which efforts are addressed to improve leadership behavior. The purpose is to determine the most important behavior the executive needs to work on in order to achieve high-leverage impact. If the executive improves this key behavior, is it going to make a real difference for the individual and the company’s performance? The executive who engages in the behavioral coaching process agrees to receive feedback once a month from key stakeholders, to work with his or her team of direct reports to transform them into a high performance team, to have follow-ups scheduled on a regular basis, and to be re-measured on agreed behavioral KPIs.


The main objective of team-building activities is to transform participants into a cohesive, high performance team, capable of working together to achieve organizational objectives.  At the end of these activities, the participants will have created the conditions to improve effective communication, encourage an atmosphere of trust and loyalty, work as part of an integrated system, and understand that interdependency and mutual support generate win-win relationships. They will learn practical tools and techniques to yield quick responses to their projects, ultimately enabling them to achieve objectives more efficiently.

Competency Development

Participants will rise to meet exhilarating challenges and find strength and determination along the way. They will build core skills, such as learning to become outstanding communicators, innovators, change agents, and critical thinkers. They will be able to handle ambiguity, promote teamwork and collaboration, and be the best coaches and mentors they can be. They will work effectively as individuals and as a team that support and encourage one another. They will practice Personal Mastery Values by pushing their own limits and viewing challenges as opportunities for personal and organizational growth. We encourage participants to be open to continuous learning, and willing to question their mental processes. Participants will work together to apply new skills and achieve team goals during volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous times.


Strategy & Organization

We work with you to frame strategic questions, find answers, develop action plans, and implement them.

Strategy Development

We help you create a picture of where you want to take your business. The objective is to understand markets and trends, as well as discover new opportunities. We help you identify the risk associated with the move and how to mitigate it.

Action Plan Development

We leverage your current resources to help you define the path to take your business from its current position to a better one. We will support you in finding and acquiring the missing resources you may need to move effectively towards your goals. 


Organizational Design

We align organizational design with strategy. Organization, which consists of roles & responsibilities, decision rights, reporting lines, connections, and reward strategies, should always support your strategy. We have the tools and insight necessary to help you design an organization that fits like a glove.


Operational Improvement


Performance Indicators

We identify what is important to you and your business. We understand the metrics and the data behind it. We build the KPIs following Balanced Scorecard methodology, and we make them easy to understand, calculate, and act on. We drive the ‘socialization’ of the KPIs throughout the organization as seen fit, and gain buy-in from your collaborators and staff.

Project and Strategic Action Implementation

Cadence, discipline, rhythm. Operational excellence from the get go. Excellent strategy means nothing without execution. Execution requires attention, discipline, change, and more discipline. We build accountability into the execution process. We match responsibility and work with authority and expertise.

Performance Audits

We help you understand how well you are performing against your own benchmarks. Are you being consistent? How well are you fulfilling your mission? Are you getting closer to your vision? How committed are your people? Are your key processes yielding results as expected?

We can systematically tailor audits to the areas that hurt most. On many occasions, we’ve discovered the pain is just a symptom of a ‘hidden source.’



As with any business concerned with its sustainability, professional governance practices can help enterprising families achieve their higher goals for its wealth and business.

INTEGRA has ample experience helping leaders of wealthy families and families in business generate effective family governance systems. The focus of our effort is to maximize the synergy between a unified wealthy family and a well-run family enterprise or family office. We guide the families through a trust building process that assures the founding members of the dynasty that its core principles will be preserved, while at the same time helping the new generations professionalize the business to guarantee its sustainability over time. We provide the family with the best practices that are currently being used by successful affluent families in areas such as how to use a board; the need and uses of a family council; the importance and usefulness of having outside directors; how to set family policies in key areas; how to counteract feelings of entitlement in the family members; how to develop and nurture the family’s service and philanthropic initiatives if it so desires; and how to govern the family with a sense of purpose.