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our strategy

We are committed to helping our clients succeed through a creative and collaborative approach

Integra Consulting Team designs solutions as part of a new corporate culture that gives people the courage to innovate, take risks, and look beyond the familiar. With collective insight and expertise, we help businesses find new and better ways to grow.

We start at the executive level with the Board of Directors and translate new decisions into actionable tasks. For projects that require industrial or other specific knowledge, we assign the right team of experts and analysts, and guarantee their guidance throughout the duration of the project.


Assess the situation

We use a combination of structured interviews, questionnaires, and other analytical tools to understand our clients’ unique needs.


Design, develop, and deliver project

We create business models based on business strategy, critical processes, organization and decision rights, IT, and most importantly, the individuals who make up the company.

Follow up

We perform a series of short interventions that usually take place within six months after the completion of a project to ensure changes are being implemented and generating results.