In the following audio Jesús Torres talks about his experience while working with Integra Consulting Team during his tenure as CEO Sony Entertainment Television LATAM.

Leonardo Rodriguez

Chairman, EMERSON Latin America

" IntegraConsulting Team has been a strategic partner with Emerson Latin America for several years. In the past, we have worked with a myriad of Industrial Psychologists. But, there have been attributes missing which have not allowed my Latin American organization to reach its personal and professional objectives.  These missing attributes have ranged from cultural sensitivities to metrics on Emotional Intelligence. My philosophy on Emotional Intelligence is that Teams that have a salient strength in the area of Emotional Intelligence own their served markets through sustainable competitive advantages.

Integra has worked with our Teams in areas that have allowed us to develop a Sustainable Competitive Advantage in our served markets. Thanks to Integra, we have finally found a consulting group that will take Emerson Latin America into the future with continued undisputed market leadership".


Francisco Ficara

Country Manager

AES Spain

"I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to attend Dr. Gil’Adi’s seminars, courses and teachings together with my team of managers and the people that worked with me. We became a better team and we became better professionals. Together, with INTEGRA, we implemented several programs, working to improve the confidence among us as a team, to improve our relations as workmates and colleagues, and also, to improve our networking. Work environment among us definitely improved. I thank Dr. Gil’Adí and his team for giving us the opportunity to see things from different points of view, to improve our listening skills and to improve communication among us, which led to better results as a team and as a company."


Luis Oropeza


Cement Operations and Technology Europe and Spain 

"Integra Consulting worked for CEMEX USA, Cement Operations, doing consulting, leadership training and employee coaching programs.  Integra Consulting developed a leadership training plan called “Emerging Leaders “designed to develop the right leadership skills required for future managers in Cement Operations. I was personally pleased to see the leadership transformation we had in young professionals through the evolution of this program among others."


Diego G. Lopez Carbajal


VP Operations  Financial Services

"I had the opportunity to work with INTEGRA and a Brightstar team in our Distribution Center in Miami who had been subject to a tremendous amount of stress as a result of system migration and reductions in headcount. It was great to see how Daniel was able to drive the team to acknowledge the importance of team work and to be sensitive to the human side behind the role each perform. The team was extremely motivated after that session and it helped to defuse the stress among them.

Daniel also was my coach, all I can say is that thanks to the work we did together, my life changed completely, I communicate and collaborate better and this has benefit my professional and personal life."