Simple Ways to Engage your Direct Reports

Over the years, and dealing with corporations of all sizes, industries and countries, we have found that the following questions are very helpful to keep your team motivated, engaged and aligned. These are questions we believe every manager should ask her direct reports every 3-4 months. It is an easy, colloquial way to become a good coach:

1. Where do you think we should be going, as a team, as an organization?

2. Where are you going?

3. What are you doing well?

4. Do you have any suggestions for improving the team and/or the organization?

5. How can I help you in better achieving your goals?

6. Do you have any suggestions for me?

If you truly believe that your people are your most important asset, then you will find the time to sit down with each one of them and have this conversation. You will be amazed at the wonderful results you will get.

Maria RomeroComment